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In Your Home Furnishings is a family owned and operated Christian based business, through our valued customers, we have always wanted and been blessed to offer help and support to our local community.  Your business has made it possible for our furniture store to participate in Helping Hands, Battered Women's Shelter, Feeding America, No Kid Goes Hungry, Coats for Kids, Toys for Tots just to mention a few.

Through Helping Hands, we have been able to help many fire or flood victims by offering special prices for their needs.  We are able to provide donations either monetary or physical donations to charities raising moneyfor emergency victims.

Feeding America and No Kid Goes Hungry has always held a special place in our hearts.  Did you know that statistics say 1 in 3 children in our Hickory area go to bed hungry at night? That's heart breaking and uncalled for! Good nutrition is invaluable to anyone much less growing children.  We all need good nutrition to insure physical and mental health.  How can a child succeed in school when he's hungry?  Hunger, however, doesn't just affect children nearly 3 million of our elderly people are helped by Feeding America each year and the number is only growing.  With the elderly it helps them not have to make the choice of "do I eat or buy my medicine"?

Your continued business has helped us buy a homeless person lunch or dinner. It has helped us supply boots or even shoes for those that could not afford them and needed them for a new opportunity.  One kind action will create a chain of great things happening and it makes us at In Your Home Furnishings feel so blessed to be able to provide for those in need.  We love being able to help and always want to be there for that special someone.  It's funny, I ask the owners (William and Crystal Hutson) what is the greatest thing about being a small business owner and the answer was "Helping people in need" they went on to state that is the greatest joy to be able to provide or give someone a second chance at life or just help someone get back on their feet. God gives us that opportunity because he blesses us and we should always bless others.

So when you purchase at In Your Home Furnishings know that you are helping so many in your Community and we thank all our customers for being so loyal and becoming a part of our family.


Pat Adams
Store Manager

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