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Touch - Up Marks and Scratches
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Touch-Up Marks and Scratches

Guardsman Fabric Care Products keep fabric upholstery, window treatments and carpets looking their best from the moment they arrive in your home. Guardsman fabric care products never affect the original look or feel of fabric and leave no soil-attracting residues.


Scratch Cover for Wood

Wipe-on formula revives wood finishes by adding instant color to minor surface scratches and other small blemishes.

  • Adds richness and color to renew tired-looking and faded wood finishes

  • Surface blemishes and minor scratches seem to disappear

  • Leaves entire surface with a rich, uniform color and appearance

  • Guardsman Scratch Covers supplement your polishing by adding color to your furniture, bringing tired finishes back to life and filling in minor scratches that dull the appearance of the wood. 

Available in two colors: Light (for light to medium wood finishes such as maple and golden oak) and Dark (for darker wood finishes such as walnut, mahogany, dark oak and dark pine). Choose the color that’s right for your furniture.


Wood Finish Touch-Up Markers

Formulated to meet the needs of furniture repair professionals, manufacturers, and retailers, Guardsman touch-up markers blend to match the color of most furniture finishes.

  • For Light, Medium, and Dark Brown Finishes

  • Hides scratches, minor surface imperfections, and worn edges

  • Repairs finish by restoring color to damaged areas including scratches, chips, and worn edges

  • Each package contains three color markers—choose the color to match your wood, or blend colors to get the exact shade you need

Formulated to meet the needs of furniture repair professionals, manufacturers, and retailers. Dries to the touch in seconds and blends easily with most finishes. Use on tables, chairs, cabinets, wood trim, floors, doors, and other finished wooden surfaces.

Reusable Water Ring and Mark Remover

Eliminates water, heat, and other marks from wood finishes.

Quickly breathe new life into wood finishes left looking tired from rings and marks left behind by heat, water, and many other liquids. Use only on finished sealed wood surfaces. After use, return cloth to the resealable package for future use. The cloth can continue to be used as long as it is not dried out or heavily soiled.

Removes stains, marks, and rings caused by: 

  • Water

  • Alcohol

  • Heat

  • Latex Paint


Wood Filler Sticks

Formulated to meet the needs of furniture repair professionals, manufacturers, and retailers, Guardsman Wood Filler Sticks help you fill deep scratches and gouges in finished wood or simulated wood furniture, antiques, woodwork, picture frames, cabinets, counters, doors, floors, paneling, and molding.

Quickly and easily fill in deep scratches, gouges, and nail holes to keep wood looking its best.

  • Quickly repair scratches and blemishes that go beyond the surface and require filling

  • Won’t shrink, dry out, discolor, or rub off

  • No mess, instant results

  • Colors matched to the most popular wood finishes

Each package includes five wood filler sticks (black, white, light brown, medium brown, and dark brown), plus one sharpener.

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